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Sustainable fashion - Vintage clothing - Tailoring


Ateljee Venla is a one-woman company and a dream. I design, make patterns, and sew the pieces of my own collection from start to finish. Manufacturing takes place in my workshop in the center of Turku, which also serves as the Atelier Venla’s brick-and-mortar store. I want to highlight domestic craftsmanship and to offer an opportunity to enjoy fashion sustainably and responsibly.

Ateljee Venla is a story about the importance of listening to yourself in life and finding your own path. In my youth I dreamed of studying clothing and textiles which eventually changed through high school to becoming a teacher. At the end of my studies, I found that I wanted something different. I recalled a small vintage shop that I fell in love with during my exchange studies in Greece. The owner of the store told me that he was sewing a small collection of clothes from vintage fabrics. I was wondering at the time, how wonderful it would be to live his life. To turn my own passion into a way to earn my living. And years later, here it is. Graduated as a dressmaker, acquired my own atelier and shop. The atelier is small, but I wish it could be a meeting place and a treasure trove for others who love beautiful clothes, colours, and design.

Ateljee Venla’s clothes are manufactured according to the principles of responsible fashion and circular economy. I want to make timeless, stylish clothes to suit many situations and different bodies. By changing accessories, the same dress transforms from a day look to a night look, combining different bottoms and tops will give you an option for any situation.


Currently, repair sewing take up most of my time, but my own clothing collection is evolving alongside it. The collection consists of simple, casual, and stylish clothes that you want to wear over and over again. The collection is not based on the seasons, but I strive to make the products timeless by using quality materials and careful craftsmanship.

The clothes in my collection are unique pieces and only a few of them share the same pattern or fabric. The clothes in the collection are streamlined and loose-fitting, which feel comfortable and are suitable for a wide range of body types. It is possible to customize the clothes according to the customer’s needs, for example, button transfer, reductions, shortenings, etc.

It is possible to order clothes from the collection with your own measurements. For example, shirts and dresses can be made on request with shorter or longer hems and different sleeves, pants can be made with different leg lengths or widths. Combinations of two sizes can be applied to the models, for example an S-size top and an M-size bottom.

The unique collection is mainly made of recycled materials, surplus fabrics, and other materials as ecological as possible. For example, curtains or tablecloths can create a favorite summer outfit and bedspread the most wonderful jacket in the world. At the same time, unused material is given new life.


To complement the atelier’s own collection, the selection includes high-quality vintage clothing and design. My own passion for vintage and unique discoveries was set in motion during my childhood, when I spent time with my grandmother at flea markets, finding treasures and appreciating timeless craftmanship and designs. I want to give others the opportunity to get excited and make great discoveries from past decades, by offering vintage clothes ready to be discovered and ready for a new life, perhaps as your new favorite garment. It’s great to get to continue the story and life cycle of old clothes even further.



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